our promise

Melissa (Missy) Hinkson; Owner/President

More than 25 years ago, Melissa Hinkson began her career in the "care" industry as an owner/operator of a Licensed Adult Foster Care Home for developmentally disabled and mentally challenged adults in Lakefield, MI. Her reputation as a dedicated and compassionate professional was soon established. Her AFC Home has always operated at full-capacity, with expansion along the way.

In addition to those who met the criteria for her AFC Home, Missy received frequent requests from others looking for an alternative placement to Long Term Care. It was this direct communication that prompted Missy to research the available options for seniors in her area. What she discovered was that there were few alternatives to the institutional setting. She set out to change this and opened Newberry Assisted Living Community in 2001. The success of that Community prompted Missy to open Freighter View Assisted Living Community in 2006.

Missy's vision for Freighter View Assisted Living Community was to create a resident-centered environment that emphasized quality of life. Her careful attention to detail is evident. First, the location is beautiful and historic; the view of the Soo Locks is one-of-a-kind. Second, the physical environment is carefully crafted to be elegant in design, home-like and welcoming, while incorporating important safety features. Third, the staff is highly-trained and committed to the mission of Freighter View:

"To make a positive difference in the lives of our residents by personalizing care, encouraging independence, preserving dignity, protecting privacy, and fostering friendships."

A Message from Missy:

"I wanted to be in a career that would give me the opportunity to help people. At the beginning of my career, I had little idea how blessed I would be. I know that what I do touches people’s lives in a very personal way. I see it first-hand. Every day, I am able to see the smiling faces of residents at one of my facilities. Also, I can see how the residents flourish when they are in an environment focused on making their lives more rewarding. I hear about it first-hand. Regularly a resident or a family member shares with me how Freighter View has touched their lives. This is why I am in business. Of course, I don’t do it alone. Freighter View has an amazing, hard-working and compassionate team dedicated to the residents we serve.

Staff Testimonials:

"I began working at Freighter View prior to its opening. First, I was captivated by the beautiful view, stunning log building and welcoming décor. Next, I was impressed with the professional and compassionate team Missy had assembled (many of whom still work here). Then, as the residents began to move in, I became delighted by the livelihood of the community. I witnessed Freighter View transform from a building with employees into a HOME, a place where everyone is treated with kindness, dignity and respect. It is truly a pleasure to work in such a warm and inviting atmosphere."
~ Terri Hetrick, Administrator

"Freighter View Assisted Living Community is a great place to work and an even better place to live. This is where I would encourage my parents to live."
~ Cindy Pohjola, Nurse Manager/Director

"I love coming to work each day knowing that I will put a smile on the resident's faces and in turn they put a smile on my face."
~ Rachel Solomon, Direct Care Provider